Cellular Towers in Maryville, TN

Tower - cellular towers in Maryville, tn
Danny Davis Electrical Contractors, Inc., Tower Division is a full service provider for all communications tower installs including:
  • Co-locations
  • New tower development
  • Tower erection including foundation installation
  • Transportation of towers, prefabricated shelters and equipment.
  • All concrete work including turn down footer slabs, building slabs and equipment pads
  • Electric, Telecom and Fiber installation
  • Specializing in stand by generator design and installation.
DDECI also provides re-fueling of diesel stand by generators in remote or hard to reach locations. DDECI has the right tools, equipment and experience to provide customers with a quality product. Exceeding tight schedules without compromising quality or budgets. DDECI also holds Electrical and General Contracting licenses in multiple states. This allows us to provide a turnkey product while minimizing expenses and confusion before, during and after construction. DDECI Service Department also provides 24/7 Emergency response. Our technicians are knowledgeable and prepared. They know the steps and have the necessary contact information in order to minimize down times and expedite repairs.